Over-seeding & Top Dressing

Overseeding and Top Dressing

If the lawn is patchy, thin or bare, we spread seed and cover it with top dressing to help thicken the grass. Sometimes there may be a large amount of moss and thatch that needs removing before seeding and this will require a scarification.

After the procedure has been carried out, the next three weeks are key to seed germination and we recommend following the steps below:

  1. Do not mow the lawn for the next three weeks. This avoids disturbance to, and removal of, seeds as they germinate.
  2. Keep off the lawn as much as possible. This also avoids disturbing the seeds as they germinate.
  3. It is vital to water the lawn until the grass is established. Over the next three weeks, we recommend that you water your lawn every three days – ideally in the evening. The best way to do this is with a sprinkler and we suggest moving the sprinkler every fifteen minutes until the whole lawn has been covered. However, if it rains for an adequate period of time, this can replace the watering for that day. If you have a large lawn and time is pushed, we recommend splitting the lawn into three sections and watering a section each evening.