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About EJH Horticulture

EJH Horticulture is a leading independent lawn treatment company with RHS & NPTC qualifications and is based just outside High Wycombe. At EJH Horticulture, we cover areas such as Amersham, Ascot, Beaconsfield, Gerrards Cross, Great Missenden, Hazlemere, High Wycombe, Maidenhead, Marlow, Penn, Tylers Green and Windsor and operate our high quality lawn treatment service throughout most of the Home Counties.

Specialising in lawn treatments, EJH Horticulture provides a bespoke service to meet the individual clients’ needs. Our treatment programme ensures that your lawn is in perfect condition throughout the year. We also monitor your lawn for unexpected pests and diseases and should any of these occur, we advise you on the treatments we can carry out to solve the problem.

If you see anything on your lawn that you are unsure of, please contact us on 07917 434744 and we will come out to assess it, free of charge. We feel that it is best to tackle a small problem in a localised area before it spreads and becomes a bigger problem covering the whole lawn.

We also offer a range of other services including lawn mowing and total kill weed control treatments and hard surface moss treatments.

Contact us today to claim your free survey and quotation or for any other enquiries.


We love to see the whole of the garden looking great, not just the lawn. We are happy to give advice on matters other than lawn treatments where we can but, for anything else garden related we recommend consulting the Royal Horticultural Society.

Latest News

August 10, 2018 |

Summer Lawn Treatments – BOOK NOW!

Summer Lawn Treatment – June-August. Liquid fertiliser designed to strengthen the grass and promote drought tolerance, the second weed control of the year, free soil conditioner and root booster to additionally raise the health of the lawn. It is important to give your lawn a fertilisation treatment at this time of year as the drier summer months can stress the grass and damage its long term health. We will also check your lawn for pests and diseases and advise if any remedial work is required. It is vitally important to keep your lawn well watered, especially through the summer. Please see our watering guidelines for the best way to do this. Contact us now to book a...

August 10, 2018 |

Summer Top Dressing

Treat your lawn to a Summer Top Dressing to protect against the heat, help suppress moss growth and enrich the soil. It is a good time to top dress as no procedures such as scarifications or aerations are done during the Summer – therefore the top dressing has sufficient time to bed in. This can be done alongside the Summer lawn treatment and we also monitor your lawn for any signs of pests or diseases and advise should any remedial work be required. It is vitally important to keep your lawn well watered, especially through the summer. Please see our watering guidelines for the best way to do this. Contact us now to book...

August 10, 2018 |

Watering Guidelines

Watering Guidelines – Grass is like humans, the hotter the conditions are the more water it requires. However, do not be tempted to over-water as this can damage the lawn. We recommend watering each area a sprinkler covers for 10-15 minutes, every 3 days, throughout the summer. If there is heavy rain, the three day cycle can be reset. The best time to water is around 04:00 but as this is not practical for most people, the evening is the most suitable time. When having your lawn treated, it is important to water within a couple of days so that your lawn obtains maximum benefit from the...

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