Autumn (September – November)

Autumn Lawn Treatments

Our autumn lawn treatments consist of granular fertiliser designed to aide root growth. This helps to ensure that the grass remains healthy throughout the winter. We also spot treat any weeds that may be left and add free soil conditioner and root booster to additionally raise the health of the lawn. We only use organic products and try to limit the use of plastic.

Whenever we visit your lawn, we monitor the health of the grass and look for signs of pests or diseases. We immediately advise of anything unusual we can see and how best to treat the problem. We also carry out an annual ph level test and adjust the fertiliser if necessary.

At EJH Horticulture we love to see the whole of the garden looking great, not just the lawn. We are happy to give advice on matters other than lawn treatments where we can but, for anything else garden related we recommend consulting the Royal Horticultural Society.