Hollow Tine Aerations

This reduces compaction of the soil by removing cores and enables the soil to settle naturally. It also allows necessary air to the roots of the grass. A well aerated lawn promotes good grass growth and is less susceptible to moss. Depending on the condition of the lawn, a hollow tine aeration is required every 2 – 5 years. Once a lawn has been aerated, we recommend keeping use to a minimum for, at least, a month.

Some unscrupulous companies offer solid tine aerations or suggest leaving the cores from a hollow tine aeration on the surface. This is because these are easier and much quicker for the operative to carry out. However, at EJH Horticulture, we only believe in the best. Therefore we take time to clear up the cores created by hollow tine aeration. Leaving cores on the surface after a hollow tine aeration will increase the amount of thatch in the lawn and it will then require more frequent scarification. Whilst solid tine aerations do allow some air to get to the roots, they compact the soil in surrounding areas and can cause damage to the lawn in the long term.

Any cores that are removed are spread in borders or bagged and left for disposal by the customer. This is due to the high cost of commercial waste disposal. The cores spread in the borders will break down naturally over a month or two and it also means that we do not need to use any plastic bags to dispose of them. We can arrange to dispose of the cores, if requested, for an additional charge.

If you think that your lawn may need an aeration, please contact us on 07917 434744 or e-mail