Moss Kill – Hard Surface

Hard Surface Moss Kill

Our hard surface moss kill will control any unwanted growth on non-lawn or hard surface areas. It will kills moss on drives, pathways and patios.

We apply a specialised product that works excellently on and does not stain hard surfaces. The moss then simply requires brushing or pressure washing off. We only use organic products and try to limit the use of plastic.

At EJH Horticulture, we believe in the quality of all of our products and as such we offer a guarantee to give you the peace of mind that you deserve.

This service is available to any customer, whether or not they have their lawn treated by EJH Horticulture.

At EJH Horticulture we love to see the whole of the garden looking great, not just the lawn. We are happy to give advice on matters other than lawn treatments where we can but, for anything else garden related we recommend consulting the Royal Horticultural Society.