Drought Control

Our drought control is an application of a wetting agent to help hold water and nutrients.

Some soils do not hold water and nutrients as well as others and therefore need drought control. We add the wetting agent to our seasonal treatments and apply it with our free soil conditioner and root booster in liquid form. We also offer watering advice to maximise the effect for minimum use of water.

Grass is like a human, the hotter the conditions are the more water it requires. However, do not be tempted to over-water as this can damage the lawn. We recommend watering each area a sprinkler covers for 15-20 minutes, every 3 days, throughout the summer.

At EJH Horticulture we love to see the whole of the garden looking great, not just the lawn. We are happy to give advice on matters other than lawn treatments where we can but, for anything else garden related we recommend consulting the Royal Horticultural Society.