Lawn Mowing

Whether weekly or a one-off, we can take care of all of your lawn mowing requirements. If your lawn is merely ‘postage stamp’ size or even several acres, we have petrol push along mowers and sit-on tractors mowers to enable us to look after your needs.

We ensure that the grass is not cut too short and also that it is not cut when too wet. The ideal length of cut is between 1 and a half and 2 inches. This length of cut allows a sufficient amount of chlorophyll to be produced. The grass plant uses chlorophyll to help produce energy to grow. Therefore the more chlorophyll the grass produces, the better it grows. If the grass is cut when wet, it can result in ripping rather than a clean cut and this can make the grass more susceptible to disease.

All cuttings are bagged and left for disposal by the customer. This is due to the high cost of commercial waste disposal. We can arrange to dispose of the cuttings, if requested, for an additional charge.

This service is available to any customer, whether or not they are having their lawns cared for on our seasonal treatment programme.