Scarifications – BOOK NOW!

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Have your lawn scarified.  This removes moss and thatch, lets your lawn breathe and will help it grow healthily in the Spring! It is also a great time to have your Spring Lawn Treatment. Scarification will always slightly stress the grass in the short term. However, it will recover naturally over a period of a couple of weeks. Having the Spring treatment straight after the scarification will substantially speed up the recovery process. Book now to have your lawn scarified in April or May.

On lawns where there is a large amount of moss, an additional heavy moss treatment before scarification and then over-seeding and top dressing can be required to fully renovate the grass.

We also monitor your lawn for unexpected pests and diseases whenever we visit. Should any of these occur, we advise you on the treatments we can carry out to solve the problem.

Text LAWN to  07917 434744 and we will contact you.


We love to see the whole of the garden looking great, not just the lawn. We are happy to give advice on matters other than lawn treatments where we can but, for anything else garden related we recommend consulting the Royal Horticultural Society.